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VO Almere

Victory Outreach Vision.

We belong to an international organization with a specific vision. Our mission to reach out to the treasures out of darkness (Isaiah 45:2-3) characterizes Victory Outreach. We connect this mission to the assignment of Jesus to make followers & disciples for Him.
Next to a clear focus on education, which you see reflected in the sermons, we are also very practical through the establishment of our rehabilitation house called "the Home".

Here we guide people that were living on the edge of destruction as a result of addiction, criminal behavior or prostitution.
These men and women are guided with God's love through an intense program. This love is expressed through a warm welcome by the entire congregation. We believe strongly in family values and the positive effects of discipleship on somebody's life.

Next to reaching out to the treasures out of darkness, Victory Outreach International is tasked with starting new churches globally. Isaiah 54:2-3 is our base for growing the amount of churches. As an international church we have founded "United We Can". Our international members support this goal financially, so that members of Victory Outreach have the financial support to be sent out to found new churches in the major inner cities across the globe.

We see our community as a home and a family where everybody is welcome.
During all our actions we are focused on all our members strengthening their relationship with Jesus to achieve their life's calling. We believe in a personal relationship with God, because you can only live the life you are destined for through Him.

For an in depth overview of our vision, please visit our core values at the 5 E's & 3 C's section.

For now we would like to invite you to visit us and experience who we are.

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