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VO Almere Recovery

House of victory ALMERE

Who are we?

house of victory AlmereThe House of Victory foundation is a treatment centre that is a part of Victory Outreach Almere.Victory Outreach Almere is in itself part of a much larger Christian international organization which vision is to help our fellow men in the reestablishment of their lives.

The help we give through our “House of Victory” is based on Biblical norms and values, from which we build social and communicative skills in all the residents. We also teach all the residents how to participate and contribute to the society by having a job and/or study.

In the “House of Victory” all the residents have started a new beginning in their lives because of the Christian faith they now have. All the problems they have are also evident in all of society. It differs from problems as the addiction to gambling, drugs and alcohol, prostitution, to criminality issues as well.

While the residents are living in the "House of Victory", they learn to live a stable life and they prepare themselves to rehabilitate into society again. There is a program that has as the goal to implement the different training programs into all the volounteering participants. The training programs have themes such as social welfare; health; religion; education; and re-integration. This training is eventually leading to strong and positive principles in all the attendants which come with social acceptation in society. The "House of Victory" also provides a proper day care for all the residents in having active participation in Victory Outreach Almere.

The first phase of the program takes about 9 months.
The total duration of the program may take a maximum of 3 years.

The "House of Victory" is place where God is the centre and life is lived here according to the Word of God. All the residents get to know the love of Jesus. Because of a big measure of charity, prayer and discipline, all the participants are able to 'revive' their lives again. Victory Outreach International runs these programs in more than 25 countries with a rough 40 years of experience in this kind of work.

We hope that in the following years, on national and even international level, lots of ex-addicts will be able to be helped by us and continue their contribution to our society. There are many of them who now have a wife and family, a proper position, and who live a responsible life.

Our history in short
We're a worldwide organization that started in the United States of America (Los Angeles) in the year 1967, with a goal to reach as much as possible people who had lost their way in society. This included helping the ones who used drugs, tramps, prostitutes, alcoholics and all other lonely people. In 1985 Victory Outreach was started in the Netherlands. Until this day we have treatment and rehabilitation centers in the biggest cities of this country.

How we do this
In our treatment and rehabilitation centers we different phases in which we help the residents to start participating and contributing to society again in a positive way.

The first phase
This is a orientating phase in which the resident is learning to adapt him-/herself to the offered day care program. The resident is learning to operate in a group, and to build up his daily routine by helping the joint household chores. He or she will join a classic conditioning and will build this as quick as possible to an acceptable level. If this phase goes well, the resident will be informed about his future participation in the program, and after this he or she will be challenged to take the next step.

De second phase
The resident wil learn to take his own responsibility to change his or her own life. This happens by the different insights that he or she discovers through the divers training programs. Because of this there comes a consciousness about the different shortcomings of him- or herself and the understanding comes why change of attitude and character is necessary. A counseling session will be offered to the resident and the section will start. In order to continue this phase, social skills are needed, as well as communication skills. That is why there are counseling sessions needed in order to help the development of these attributes. In the end of this phase there is an evaluation with the resident about his or her own character.

The third phase
This phase begins with the resident starting to become a help for other residents in order to support their progress. The resident will enhance a state of being an example for others. With this, there will be an opening to the next phase for the resident. He or she will be developing in the way of contributing to society in order to rehabilitate, this happens by starting to study or to have a job.

The fourth phase
In this phase we offer the resident to become independent (the resident learns to function on their own). The resident is not left alone in this case, but he or she will be offered to have another way of living under professional supervision. This means that the resident, who is now able to live with other residents and do household duties along with them, is having the opportunity to do so on his own but still under our supervision. After a while that differs for each person, will the resident start to live independently. Because of a job (or study) this person will be able to function on his own. His or her involvement in the church, is a form in which the resident will also have build a group of friends that offer a new perspective on life.
This is a Victory Outreach initiative without any governmental support.

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